Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What the??? Who Doesn't Like Italian Food?

Ok so my good friend Just Saying... has posted a blog about what foods she is not a fan of.  Her answer?  Italian food!  I haven't met very many people who don't like Italian food- or at least SOMETHING Italian.  I am Italian (so a little biased on the topic) but it is my opinion that if you've had Italian food and you didn't like it, it simply wasn't made right.  If you've had Italian food that was prepared and served properly, there's nothing NOT to like- the sauces, the cheeses, the pastries...yum, yum and yum.  Ok now that I'm over that horrifying moment, she is asking us to pass it on:

What will you NOT eat?
What will you eat but it's never your first choice?

What will I NOT eat?
Liver (also her first choice- good girl!)
Whipped Cream.  I cannot bear to even lick some off a spoon that I used to scrape the whipped cream off of something I didn't know came with it.  Worst invention ever.  
Raisins.  If I bite into something I didn't know had raisins in it, I will spit it out right then and there and I don't care who is around or where I am.  It has to come out and fast.  Again, there is no good reason to put a raisin in any food dish, baked goods included.  

What will you eat but it's never your first choice?  
Thai and Vietnamese.  I have a hard time finding things at these types of restaurants that I am in the mood for.  I grew up eating food with a very different taste (Italian) therefore I've had a long hard road acquiring the taste for these foods, have only had a few dishes grow on me but I will never pick them over something else.  I will eat Pho maybe once a year and that's it.  
I have also been trying really hard to like sushi.  I have tried it twice now, and didn't like it either time.  And yes, I am starting with California rolls.  Can't get past those yet so can't imagine I'd be able to move on from that.  But I am trying...I really am. :) 


  1. Thanks for the shout out!

    I forgot to add Ice cream and whip cream to things I will not eat. Not out of choice though, out of "can not". :(

    I promise to go and try some REAL Italian.

    I think how we were raised plays a small part.
    On my street growing up, I was introduced to greek, indian, thai, japanese, native indian and us, Belgian/scottish foods from a very early age. Thankfully my parents did not have a picky eater on their hands.

  2. How we were raised absolutely plays a part in what we like. I grew up in a town that was not multicultural, and was mainly Caucasian with a large Italian and French community. Other than that, the Chinese restaurant in town was pretty much the extent of the diversity there...lol!

  3. I'm sorry I don't think we can be friends. Thai food and suhsi? Really? If I had a choice, I'd eat those two foods on a daily basis (as it is, it's almost once a week).

    Though I agree, how can someone NOT like Italian food? It's so mainstream these days. Not even pizza or spaghetti? Mmmm....

  4. HAHA! I know, AAG I get the wide eyes and the gasps every time someone hears this but I don't like thai and sushi. My other half, on the other hand loves both and is also appalled that I don't. I guess we have to have SOME differences! But who doesn't like Italian food? Still can't get past that one, lol!

  5. Sadly, I'm not a pizza fan either. :( I know I know, I've disappointed you on a whole other level. lol

    AAG - I agree about Thai and sushi. If I could afford to eat it everyday, I probably would.

  6. Just stop now. You're just making it worse...lol! I could eat pizza every day even if it's shitty pizza. Who doesn't like a good pizza? Do I need to write another post about that now? lol!

  7. lol no. I like good pizza from Me N Ed's but from pizza hut? no thanks.

  8. Fuggedaboutit! Are you friggin' kidding me? How can somebody not like Italian food. I believe the Pope would deem that as a sin! ;)