Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring has sprung!

Just when I decide to start writing a blog, my life becomes all boring and shit, hence a month passing since my last post.  Not that my life was super full of excitement only a month ago, I just seriously thought I'd come up with more stuff to write about.  I've had a few months worth of confusion, not sure where to take my life next and little to no motivation to take my life anywhere at all for that matter.  But now that it's Spring, I am beginning to feel a little inspired.  The snow is gone, the weather is warming up and I've now got a list of things I'm excited to do and get started with.  There's something about such a small event like a change the seasons that can be really inspiring.  I want to rid my wardrobe of all the sweaters and bulky stuff, and bring out the tees, capris and tank tops.  I want to put away the winter boots and pull out the flats and flip flops.  I can't wait to decorate the patio with spring flowers and new planters, cushions and lanterns.  I love summer.  I have no idea why I still live in a country with 2 seasons- summer and winter (and the summer doesn't last long enough by the way.)  I would love to live somewhere where it never snows- I would not miss it by any means.  Why the hell would I?  If I could work legally in the US, I would be outta here in a heartbeat.  Gawd, don't get me started on that- it'll just depress me knowing I can't and may never be able to move to California or anywhere that's always warm.  :(    

Well, I should probably get going- I have a design business to promote, a dog collar business to start, spring cleaning to do, renovation projects to finish and new rain boots to wear! Tootles!    


  1. What about your first pair of rain boots?

  2. Um, I DID mention them right at the very end there, see? :)

  3. Yes I see that now... I did not read that last sentence the first time.